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claiming_comms's Journal

Master List of Claiming Communities
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Ever had trouble finding the perfect claiming community?
Want to find more communities to claim all the things you like?
Well, claiming_comms can help!

Basically, this community is a list of all the claiming communities that wished to be listed. I am still looking for more communities that might be hiding out somewhere, so the list is growing. Check back frequently to see what else has been added!

This community is maintained by its creator, dragonspeaker.

You may friend the community if you like, but only moderators can post.
Only communities can be added to the list, no personal journals.
Make sure you read the "How to Join" section before asking to be on the list.

How to Join
Add the keyword "claiming communities" to your community's keywords.
^ This makes it easier for people to find claiming communities on LJ.
You must add a link back to claiming_comms on the community's profile.
(A banner or a text link are both fine. Be proud to be on the list!)
Make a comment on the Application Post with this information:
--- Name of your claiming community
--- What category does it belong in?
--- Who are the moderators?
--- Anything else I should know?


The idea for this community (and for the keyword rule) came from hellbelle's community, stamping_comms. GO WORSHIP THE GENIUS!